Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life Imitates Advertising! Mini Cows!

OK, this morning the lines between advertising and reality were blurred for me.
Not being one to plug Jack In The Box, first, there was this commercial:
The spot started airing about a month or two ago. 
Granted, it is one of their better adverts.

This morning, I log on to, and see this:
Farms downsize with miniature cows

With feed prices up, ranchers see the advantages of smaller breeds of bovines.
By P.J. Huffstutter 
9:59 PM PDT, May 22, 2009
Reporting from Tekamah, Neb. -- Walking through their lowing herd of several hundred cattle, Ali and Kenny Petersen were like two Gullivers on a Lilliputian roundup.

The half-sized cows barely reached Kenny's waist. The ranch's border collie stared eye-to-eye with wandering calves.

"Aren't they sweet?" asked Ali Petersen, 52, shooing Half-Pint, Buttercup and a dozen other cattle across a holding pen. "They're my babies, every little one of them."

The Petersens once raised normal-sized bovines on this stretch of Nebraska's rolling eastern grasslands, but with skyrocketing feed costs, the couple decided to downsize.

They bought minicows -- compact cattle with stocky bodies, smaller frames and relatively tiny appetites.

Their miniature Herefords consume about half that of a full-sized cow yet produce 50% to 75% of the rib-eyes and fillets, according to researchers and budget-conscious farmers.

"We get more sirloin and less soup bone," Ali said. "People used to look at them and laugh. Now, they want to own them."

In the last few years, ranchers across the country have been snapping up mini Hereford and Angus calves that fit in a person's lap. Farmers who raise mini-Jerseys brag how each animal provides 2 to 3 gallons of milk a day, though they complain about having to crouch down on their knees to reach the udders.MORE

I need more coffee.

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