Monday, May 18, 2009

Cheesus Found. No, I didn't sneeze.

DALLAS - Call it "Cheesus," part deux.

A Texas couple has found the likeness of Jesus Christ in the form of a Cheetos.

Sara Bell was snacking on Cheetos, purchased at a store near Houston, when she stumbled upon what appeared to be someone in a robe, praying.

Her husband Dan saw the snack and said that it resembled Jesus.

The couple has named it "Cheesus."

They've apparently wrapped the orange snack inside a tissue for safe keeping.

There's no word on whether they'll try to sell it on E-bay.

Last year, a Missouri woman made a similar discovery in a bag of Cheetos. She named her finding "Cheesus" because it looked similar to Jesus Christ on the cross.

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